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Sample Lesson
Grade 2
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Rainbow Caterpillar


Visual Art Standards:

2.2 Demonstrate beginning skill in the use of materials (such as pencils, paints, crayons, clay) to create works of art.

2.3 Experiment with colors through the use of a variety of drawing materials and paints.

Elements and Principles of Art demonstrated in lesson:


Curriculum related to lesson:


Lesson Description:

This is a direct draw lesson. You demonstrate easy to follow lines, and the students paint their drawing.


Introduce caterpillars with photos or books (The Hungry Caterpillar) Talk about the antennas, sections, environment.


dot12" x 18" drawing paper or watercolor paper
dotblack permanent marker
dotwatercolor set
dotwater container
dotpaper towel


Step 1: Draw an oval on the left side of the paper near the middle.

Check this step. Is the oval in the right place? Turn the paper over and start again, if needed. Wait to sign your name until you have drawn the caterpillar.

Step 2:
Add a curved line for each segment. The line is like a backward "C".
Fill up the paper with the caterpillar.

Step 3:
Add ovals for eyes.

Step 4:
Add a mouth

Step 5:
Add 2 feet for each segment (not on the head).

Step 6:
Add double curved line and an oval for each antenna.

Step 7:
Draw a line under all the feet to make a hill.

Step 8:
Add flowers to the grass.

Step 9:
Draw over pencil lines with black marker.

Step 10:
Paint the caterpillar like a rainbow. Don’t forget to paint the feet too!

Step 11:
Make a light blue color by mixing water with blue paint, use this color for the sky.

Step 12:
Use rainbow colors for the flowers.


The students should understand shapes by repetition. The colors will have harmony when used in a rainbow sequence.